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Jazz and Poetry

Tree Records mixing jazz and poetry with Joan Margarit and Pere Rovira, two of the most important poets in the Catalan lenguage today and other interesting international and emerging voices. Great verses walking next to musicians of inquestionable quality.

Contra la Mort
“Contra la mort” is the title of the latest book of poems by the Catalan writer Pere Rovira and is also the name of this interdisciplinary project included in this CD-DVD, combining music, poetry and visual arts. Emília Rovira has composed all the music for the recited text by the poet in the album. The visual artist Kayla Stuhr presents a video illustrating the poems in real time, with several painting techniques. “Contra la mort” intends to be a global experience for the senses, a project to help understand and enjoy poetry from the fusion of music and the visual arts.

No era lluny ni difícil
“No era lluny ni difícil” is the record that contains the piece with the same name, a staged proposal in jazz and poetry intertwined with the poems of Joan Margarit and the music of Carles Margarit. The great Catalan poet recites his verses accompanied by a jazz quartet, which at times, and without altering the project’s even flow, leaves room for him to do it alone or give his poems to the voice of the singer Núria Cols. The music has been composed or adapted by Carles Margarit, who also plays the saxophone and directs the project. “It wasn’t far away or difficult” brings together in a single proposal the overwhelming expression capacity of two art forms: jazz and poetry, and is also an opportunity to revisit from the intensity of a direct performance, poems included in several books by Joan Margarit.

Open Secrets
Poets Richard Douglas Pennant, Pere Rovira and Meritxell Nus recite their poems integrated into the jazz of Frank Harrison Trio. An experience in wich two art forms come together in an intense and creative relationship.