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Onsevulla Tinc Port

“Onsevulla tinc port” is Joan Josep Mayans’ third album. The album is composed of sixteen poems which constitute a journey through one hundred years of poetry in Catalan. The poets whose work Mayans has set to music include Joan Maragall, Francesc Pujols, Joan Salvat-Papasseit, Josep Carner, Joan Vinyoli, Carles Riba, Salvador Espriu, JV Foix, and Marià Manent – with one original poem and two versions (one by the 16th century Chinese poet Li Bai and another from the English romantic poet John Keats) -, Joan Teixidor, Miquel Desclot and Ponç Pons (the last poet whose work Mayans has set to music).
Vitalism, yearning, love, exile, despair, landscape, intimacy, evocation… emerge throughout the poems. Mayans interprets these works for us with music that is full of lyricism and always at the service of words.