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Miscelánea núm. 2

Miscelánea núm. 2 is the album that shows the result of the musical partnership between the pianist Marco Mezquida and the flutist Pablo Selnik. Together, in an intimate atmosphere in which the music is close and it accentuates their expressive possibilities, a repertoire of compositions is offered by the duo composed mostly by Selnik but also with works by Sonny Stitt or the tandem Dolphy-Mingus. The eight tracks on this work leave no doubt about the duo’s perfectly achieved musical concept. This work is uniform, of introspective size, capable of providing correct references to styles ranging from avant-garde jazz to classical reminiscences or Brazilian music (a section in which the voice of Carme Canela puts the required accents for an excellent result). Miscelánea núm. 2 is an album to have in mind. It not only adds to jazz records that bring the fans the chance to work in a duo, it also highlights the high level of young musicians in our scene.

Marco Mezquida: piano
Pablo Selnik: flute