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Bridges Trio returns with a new album that clearly shows each of the consolidated elements that could define their aesthetic. The sum of the instruments results in open music without barriers, an aesthetic that comes from jazz and improvised music to visit new places, with an atmospheric, colourful and emotional sound that doesn’t leave out the most important aesthetics of American music without forgetting the lands of each of the members of this trio. For the Mans sessions the group had the collaboration of the great guitarist David Soler, who highlights the pedal steel, and who was certainly a wise choice considering the affinities between Bridges and this instrumentalist. In this album’s personality, daring and undoubtable in its well achieved desire to progress one step further, are aspects that are not difficult to detect in the second and magnificent album by the trio comprised by Guillem Callejón, Dimas Corbera and Alfons Bertran.

Guillem Callejón (guitar)
Dimas Corbera (bass)
Alfons Bertran (drums)