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Les Mil Cares

“Les Mil Cares” is the title of the new album by Xavier Casellas, an amazing work due to its personality and freshness. On this occasion, the Catalan vocalist and composer wanted to deepen a trend that
he thoroughly knows: the fusion of jazz harmonies and the aesthetics of a songwriter, a way of making music that over the years has seen remarkable results, as is the case with this artist’s new work. The album consists of nine tracks, seven of which have been written by Casellas himself. The remaining two are an interesting adaptation of an original by Rosa Passos and F. Oliveira and a cover of American Tune, an essential classic by Paul Simon.

Xavier Casellas , voice and composition
Jose Alberto Medina , piano , keyboards and arrangements
Jordi Matas , guitars
Tom Warburton bass
Juan R. Berbín drums and percussion
Caspar St. Charles , drums and flute
Pere Bardagí , violas and violin and arr. 7 strings .
Claudio Marrero , alto and tenor
Yasmina Azlor , chorus