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Cecilia Revisited

Cecilia Revisited is the result of the artistic partnership between the pianist Xavier Monge and the vocalist Tui Higgins.

The album, as its name suggests, is a review of the music of the ill-fated singer Cecilia, this time as jazz and with all the modern and contemporary accents Xavier Monge is capable of creating when he gets to write or arrange music.

The voice of each of the nuances necessary to communicate each of the 11 tracks from the CD: a strong and expressive necessary dose of drama in the song to put each verse sung in its due proper place.

The percussionist Xavi Maureta and bassist Rai Ferrer, two essentials in our jazz scene, have just scored a major musical.

Tui Higgins – voice

Xavier Monge – piano

Xavi Maureta – drums

Rai Ferrer – bass